Adults Wants to Look Good at Any Age

Adults look good wearing BAVETTE Bibs


People express their personality through their clothing, accessories, and hair style. Research from Iowa State University shows that:

  • Most older people think of themselves as younger than they are,
  • Their sense of fashion reflects their youthful thinking and the fashion of earlier years when they were younger, and,
  • They like clothing that looks good on them.

If you’re a caregiver of an adult, it’s important to know that clothing can help keep confidence and self-esteem high amid overwhelming change.

Choice also means independence. When we choose what to wear, we feel better about ourselves and we maintain our sense of independence. As the study notes, “sending positive appearance messages may increase older people’s opportunities for social interaction. That is especially important for people who must make new acquaintances in a nursing home or other care facility.”

Hooray for feeling good and looking good!

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